Top Tips for Making Team Shirts with Your Logo to Brand Your Team

Top Tips for Making Team Shirts with Your Logo to Brand Your Team

Your team shirts with your logo printed on them are not just uniforms but also a form of saying this is ours and enhancing team identity. Creating team shirts often presents a challenge – from an athletic team to a workplace team to a volunteer team.

However, employing reputable t-shirt producers such as leeline custom can also help.

Here, we will discuss some useful guidelines related to making team shirts with your logo. These shirts cannot only unite your team but also emphasize your brand.

Tips to Consider While Making Team Shirts With Logos

Choose Quality Shirts and Materials

Choosing the type of shirts and materials for the team shirts is crucial for their overall functionality and long-lasting use.

Choose fabrics that are light, comfortable to the skin, absorb sweat effectively, and also strong enough to last through frequent use and washing. Focus on team members' comfort to make it easy for them to engage in activities and events.

Consider Your Team's Needs

When planning to buy, ensure you consider the needs of your employees. Focus on such characteristics as fit, style, and functionality to ensure that the shirts selected are appropriate for all participants. Consult with your coworkers to collect their suggestions and choose shirts that align with your team's personality. Keep in mind what your team stands for.

Design and Place the Logo Correctly

The logo is the symbol that depicts your team and symbolizes what it stands for. Hire a graphic designer and come up with an iconic logo for your team that communicates your vision and ethos. In addition, positioning the logo on the shirts should be done with a lot of care and creativity. Consider the positioning to maximize your products’ visibility and significance.

Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the colors for your team shirts is essential to ensure your entire group looks good together. Select colors that go with your logo and will produce or recreate the desired emotions or associations. It is important to consider aspects like the colors of the team and the organization, branding, and the color choices of the people you are playing with.

Keep It Simple

In terms of design aspects, simplicity should reign supreme. Do not overload the team shirts with too much graphics or text information. Choose simple shapes and structures without much clutter so that the logo can be seen clearly.

It should be noted that simplicity adds to the overall visual appeal of your shirts and makes them more suitable for different events.

Select the Right Font

Among the most essential ways to represent your team is through typography. Select the right font style that can be easily read and does not ruin the team’s image and brand. Reading ability, aesthetically pleasing design, and scalability are all important considerations when choosing a font for your team’s T-shirt.

Find a Reputable T-Shirt Manufacturing vendor

Popular manufacturing brands can be useful when looking for custom team shirts. Leeline Customs is a particularly good option among such providers due to its years of work, high quality, and quick reaction to the requests of clients.

With a range of printing techniques available, they ensure that every shirt meets the highest standards. Whether for sports teams, corporate events, or special occasions, Leeline Custom is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and excellence.


In conclusion, creating custom team shirts with your logo is a rewarding endeavor that strengthens team spirit and reinforces your brand identity. By choosing quality shirts and materials and following the above-given points, you can surely create shirts that unite your team and leave a lasting impression.

So, invest time and effort into making your team shirts and finding a reliable T-shirt manufacturing partner like Leeline Custom, and watch as they become a symbol of pride and unity for your team.