Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Rental

We have a nice selection of meeting rooms to suit just about any meeting, seminar, presentation or deposition.  See our rates below and keep in mind that we offer improved rates for repeat customers.

For special events, we also offer customized catering and beverage service to accommodate your visitors and keep everyone comfortable.

Small Meeting Room

Round table meetings for four or less
$35 per hour, $125 1/2 day, and $195 for full days

Small Conference Room

Great for depositions, mediation, corporate planning, consultations, and sales pitches.  (4-8 person)
$45 per hour, $145 for 1/2 day, $250 for full days

Large Conference Room (2)

Board meetings, conferences, corporate training, Tele-conferencing (4-14 persons)
$60 per hour, $200 for 1/2 day, $300 for full days

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